Monday, January 21, 2013

Pizza Saves the World's Foundations of Western Philosophy 101: Is Breakfast Fun?

I recently saw a television ad for a breakfast cereal which described itself as, "...a fun part of your complete breakfast!" Which got me thinking: Is breakfast actually fun?

I tend to think of breakfast as perhaps one of the most fun meals of the day, certainly more entertaining than lunch, but perhaps not as exciting as dinner, which tends to have a wider variety of choice and selection. That said, I don't really think of myself as in a state of "fun" while eating breakfast, even when it's eggs, hash browns, and veggie bacon. Then again, if I was making waffles that looked like happy faces, that might indeed be considered fun.

I never had Crazy Cow cereal, but I kinda wish I had.

Apparently I'm not the only one thinking of these kind of issues. In Googling a few things ahead of writing, I stumbled across a Yahoo! Answers question entitled, "Is Making Breakfast Fun?" which included the following enlightening statements:
"i hate it. i'm never up in time for breakfast any way. i don't like breakfast food very much either, so when i am up in time i don't make breakfast."

"I like cooking breakfast sometimes"

"Eating it is. Making it isn't."
I often prefer to get a bit more sleep than give myself enough time to adequately eat breakfast, so I'll often head out the door with a couple of cereal bars instead of a "real" breakfast. So for me, I'd say breakfast is sometimes, but not often, fun.

Interestingly, I also encountered the meaning behind the cereal advertising buzzwords "...part of your complete breakfast!" Yahoo! Answers also tells me that this is an admission on the part of cereal makers that their product does not contain a complete line of nutrition that would adequately supply all of your breakfast needs. In particular, things like protein and Vitamin C.

A quick search of Bing Images shows me that there are an incredible number of pancake (or cookie I suppose) molds, which does lend credence to the public's desire to have a fun breakfast. In particular, I liked the Star Wars molds from

Image from

I guess I'd be curious to hear your tales of breakfast fun, let me know in the comments below!


  1. I dunno if I consider breakfast fun to me its more get food inside my son and my belly so that we are not grouchy in the morning. I guess on holidays when I go all out with fancy pancakes and the like it can be fun but most of the time its "meh" at best lol.

  2. It's true that breakfast isn't exactly a fun thing, but you can make it more fun by things like eating outside or on a porch, or maybe if the weather permits and you have time (like on a weekend) pack a "picnic breakfast" and go somewhere. Or, how about trying a new international breakfast? Here's a great site for ideas: